How to conclude a contract?

There are two possible situations when contracting building management services:

The building never had a manager (mostly the case for newly constructed buildings)

As the building did not previously have another manager, we need you to deliver to us the building data regarding the building (cadastral plot number)

Then it is neccessary to appoint a tenant representative and sign a Co-Ownership Agrement which is valid if executed by the owners who jointly own over 50% of the building area i.e. if signed by a simple majority (51%) of the owners.

Finally, we conclude a Building Management Agreement between the tenants and the manager – the company IN Nekretnine d.o.o.

IN Nekretnine d.o.o. shall draw up and prepare all necesary agreements.

The building was previously managed by another management company (when the tenants are not happy with the services of the previous manager):

In this case, in order to appoint IN Nekretnine d.o.o. as the manager, we need you to deliver to us the proof of the termination of the agreement with the previous manager.

Termination is sought by delivering to the current manager the proof of consent of the majority of the co-owners to the termination of the Building Management Agreement.

Other actions regarding the delivery of the notice to the previous manager for the delivery of the documentation of the building and the transfer of unused funds of the joint reserve fund to the new account shall be performed by IN Nekretnine d.o.o. on behalf of the building.